“Founded and Operated by Family Law Professionals"

Over the years, the ACFLS has been led by some luminaries in family law.   To start the list is to omit and offend, but we have been led by the likes of such great family law lawyers and educators as Steve Adams, Garrett Dailey, and Ron Granberg.  We’ve benefitted from the brilliance of Leslie Ellen Shear, the steady counsel of Joe Bell, and more recently the legislative mastery of Diane Wasznicky, the cohesive team-building of Lynette Berg Robe, and the “get-things-done” effectiveness of President Jill Barr.  Sterling Myers has served so long and so well, we’ve named an award in his honor.

As the years roll by, we all do our part to improve family law practice for our members, and to improve the law for California families who likely do not even know we exist. In time, we are replaced by new leaders who carry on the work, improving our association and the things we do. But there must be more to our legacy.

We publish The Specialist, a quarterly scholarly periodical to address important and timely issues relevant to our practice.  We maintain a video library so members and bench officers can access high quality educational presentations at their convenience. The ACFLS blog is a busy exchange among Certified Family Law Specialists who share interesting articles, and use one another as sounding boards when faced with thorny issues or unusual questions in a case. Our web site is good, and getting better, as a resource for our members.

Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis is among our association’s most ardent supporters.  An ACFLS and AAML Fellow himself, he is an outstanding family law judge in Los Angeles County, and known throughout the state for his expertise and excellent communications skills as he teaches us and works with us through all manner of associations and enterprises.  In 2014, Judge Lewis suggested that ACFLS should be thinking about a larger legacy, and doing something to positively impact not just our own members, but all those who come in contact with California family courts.  He pledged his own money to the cause, and we took up the challenge.

So we now have a non-profit Foundation supported by ACFLS. And we want you to be a part of it! Our initial effort is to encourage each member to annually donate an amount equal to one billable hour of your time. ACFLS granted $5,000 in seed money to the Foundation, and the Foundation Board of Directors (not the ACFLS Board) matched that amount. The Foundation has begun giving grants to deserving persons and entities this year, but we want to do bigger and better things. Expect fun fund-raising activities in the coming months and years.

The Foundation Board includes Joe Bell, Mary Molinaro, JB Rizzo, Tracy Duell-Cazes, Kendall L. Evans, Abbas Hadjian, Jill Barr, Dianne Fetzer, Debra S. Frank, Michael Winestone and Judge Thomas Trent Lewis.  Please contact any of us for further information, or to donate. Watch for our flyers at the Spring Seminar.  And as you already so often do, open your hearts and your wallets, and lend us your best ideas. Charity begins at home, and if the family of Certified Family Law Specialists will pitch in, we will make a real difference in California family law, and in the lives of family court litigants.

Thank you for your support of this exciting new venture!