ACFLS Charitable Foundation, Inc. Makes $5,000 Grant to Harmony at Home for Children 1st Project

Grant to be presented to Executive Director Julianne Leavy in San Francisco on December 7, 2019

The Association of Certified Family Law Specialists (ACFLS) Charitable Foundation, Inc (“Foundation”) has announced that Harmony at Home Children 1st project in Monterey County will receive a $5,000 grant on December 7, 2019 at the ACFLS Holiday Dinner event at the Sir Francis Drake hotel in San Francisco. The grant is the latest award made by the ACFLS Charitable Foundation, a California 501c3 charity organization that has raised and given over $50,000 in grants since its 2016 inception.

According to President JB Rizzo, CPA, the Foundation was formed raise funds to give to organizations “to provide direct and substantial financial support to programs and individuals who are working to improve access to justice, to provide family law education and to improve the California family law process for affected persons, families or groups in need.”

The Foundation showcases the generosity of ACFLS members and friends of the organization. The Foundation is a separate legal entity from the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists (“ACFLS”), however the Foundation was created by certified family law specialists (attorneys), who have worked on family law matters for at least ten years, completed specified education courses, and who have been certified by the California State Bar as specialists after passing a second bar exam. The ACFLS has been in existence since certified specialization for attorneys began in 1980, providing continuing education seminars and law practice skills to its more than 600 members statewide. The Foundation raises money in several ways including requesting donations of the value of one billable hour made by members of the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists (ACFLS).

President Rizzo will present the check to Julianne Leavy, Executive Director of Harmony at Home’s. For over 15 years, Monterey County-based Harmony at Home has served thousands of children and youth whose lives have been disrupted and traumatized by violence, abuse, grief, and loss. The Children 1st project helps children cope with the trauma of a high conflict divorce by educating parents with live in-person teachers on the best communication and other strategies to lessen negative impacts on their children during high-conflict divorces.

For more information regarding Harmony at Home, call Julianne Leavy at 831.625.5160 or email to For information about ACFLS Charitable Foundation, Inc. or to make a charitable donation please contact JB Rizzo at 310.804.1973.