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ACFLS Charitable Foundation was founded with the purpose of enhancing the family law infrastructure in California. We believe that every family in California deserves access to a fair and just legal system. Our goal is to provide support to families in need by improving the legal system that protects them. We are committed to educating the public on family law issues and advocating for policies that benefit California families. Join us in our mission to create a better future for families in California.


Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis Is Among Our Foundations Most Ardent Supporters. An ACFLS And AAML Fellow Himself, He Is An Outstanding Family Law Judge In Los Angeles County, And Known Throughout The State For His Expertise And Excellent Communications Skills As He Teaches Us And Works With Us Through All Manner Of Associations And Enterprises. In 2014, Judge Lewis Suggested That ACFLS Should Be Thinking About A Larger Legacy, And Doing Something To Positively Impact Not Just Our Own Members, But All Those Who Come In Contact With California Family Courts. He Pledged His Own Money To The Cause, And We Took Up The Challenge.
So we now have our non-profit Foundation supported by ACFLS. And we want you to be a part of it! 

The Foundation began giving grants to deserving persons and entities back in 2018, but we want to do so much more to inspire both family law professionals and the public to help us support the many organizations that do thankless work for people experiencing the hardships of divorce. 

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