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ACFLS Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 focused on enhancing the family law infrastructure across the State Of California. Click here to learn more about our work and how you can support us.

Founded And Operated By Family Law Professionals

Over the years, the ACFLS has been led by some luminaries in family law. To start the list is to omit and offend, but we have been led by the likes of such great family law lawyers and educators as Steve Adams, Garrett Dailey, and Ron Granberg. We’ve benefitted from the brilliance of Leslie Ellen Shear, the steady counsel of Joe Bell, and more recently the legislative mastery of Diane Wasznicky, the cohesive team-building of Lynette Berg Robe, and the “get-things-done” effectiveness of President Jill Barr. Sterling Myers has served so long and so well, we’ve named an award in his honor.

Our Ultimate Mission

As The Years Roll By, We All Do Our Part To Improve Family Law Practice For Our Members, And To Improve The Law For California Families Who Likely Do Not Even Know We Exist. In Time, We Are Replaced By New Leaders Who Carry On The Work, Improving Our Association And The Things We Do. But There Must Be More To Our Legacy.


ACFLS Charitable Foundation has several programs and projects aimed at improving the family law infrastructure in California. Our projects include providing support for legal education, improving access to legal services for low-income families, and promoting innovative solutions to family law problems.

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Soaring For Safety

Soaring For Safety is a joint project between Angel Flight West and the ACFLS Charitable Foundation that helps integrate this incredible transportation resource into the family law community, giving family law professionals the ability to utilize the service for those clients
dealing with Domestic Violence

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Scholorship Programs



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Charity begins at home, and as Certified Family Law Specialists we should all pitch in and make a real difference in California family law, and in the lives of those which we are in service.  

Pouring Sand


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