Information Package for ACFLS Charitable Foundation Grant Submissions

"Helping those that need it most"

As most readers know, the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists has been around for more than 35 years.  The association has grown to about 650 members, and has built a solid reputation for its work in the family law arena.  ACFLS honors outstanding family law bench officers and practitioners.  We provide top-notch educational programs through each of our chapters (Bay Area, Sacramento, and Orange County), as well as through our outreach programs to less populated counties, and of course our annual Spring Seminar, touted as among the very best family law continuing education programs in the state. We address family law legislation and, in fact, we have been very successful stepping in to remedy bad law and make good law better, sometimes where other venerable institutions cannot, because we have the advantage of being a private association.

We have gotten important cases published or de-published.  Our amici committee keeps a close watch on family law cases up for review and when appropriate, submits persuasive briefs on behalf of our members.

Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is “…to solicit donations and to raise funds for the purpose of making monetary grants to persons and/or entities who are working to enhance access to justice, to provide family law-related education, and/or to improve the California family law process for affected persons, families, or groups in need, and to carry on other charitable activities associated with these goals as determined by the Board of Directors and allowed by law.”