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2023 Family Matters Campaign Donations Highest In Foundation History

The ACFLS Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the incredible success of our Family Matters campaign, kicking off the 2023 fiscal year. At this years event, our generous donors helped us achieve an incredible $31,481...or 126% of our campaign goal. This is more than double what was achieved in 2022, and sets the foundation up for some incredible new collaborations and projects for the 2023 & 2024. These new projects will be announced in the next few months, along with our upcoming events for the holidays and next years Spring Seminar.

Special thanks to the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists for their generous donation of $5,000 to the foundation. A massive help to allow us to support all the wonderful services and family law infrastructure that is critical to our goal of improving the lives of families throughout California. You can learn more about ACFLS at

Photo: Foundation Vice-President Michael Winestone @ Foundation Exhibitor Table


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